Performing Remote Online Notarizations in the State of California

I should first note that California Notaries are prohibited from performing online notarization’s at this time. With that said, you might be wondering how we have been offering Remote Online Notarizations (RON) to California if we’re not technically authorized to provide them ourselves. Well…we have established a team of Notaries in other States (where RON’s are legal) and we are paring them with our clients here in California to bring our customers the same conveniences of doing a Notarization completely remote and online.

Per CA law, acknowledgments taken from other jurisdictions shall be recognized in our State so long as the proper Notary laws were adhered to when executing the initial Notarization. With that said, any Notarization that was done remotely shall be recognized in our State…plain and simple. Thankfully, we’ve done several hundreds of Notarizations this way since the beginning of the pandemic (in March) and have not had any issues in acceptance of these Notarizations thus far.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time and resources making sure that Online Notarizations were both secure and streamlined for our clientele. While still offering the on-site mobile Notary services we’re known for, we have been able to add these services for our clients seeking to minimize exposure and streamline the process.

Now you might be wondering if we can process International documents or obtain Apostille’s for documents Notarized in this manner. The short answer is…yes! We can still process your Apostilles and Authentications just like we would normally. Obviously we would need to process them through the office of the Secretary of State where the Notarization took place…but I can confirm that this is still something we can still obtain regardless of how the Notarization was executed.

If you were inserted in scheduling a Remote Online Notarization, please fee free to call/email us (contact information below) and we’ll get you setup with our online scheduling coordinator who can walk you through the steps. If you would prefer to still have your Notarizations done via a mobile/traveling Notary that’s also something we would be happy to assist with. For on-site appointments, you can visit our website and book appointments online at your convenience.

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